How To Deal With Life Admin Whilst Dealing With Exhaustion

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Having a newborn baby is exhausting, whether it's your first or fifth. Not only is your workload larger and your available time shorter but you are dealing with a tirade of hormonal changes and exhaustion due to lack of sleep. Make A Plan It sounds ridiculous, how can you plan with a baby? However, even from a very early age babies can fall into some kind of routine. So when they take a short nap, after their morning feed, focus on getting the washing on, getting yourself dressed and perhaps making lunch. Then at a later nap, prepare dinner for the evening, and do some tidying or dusting, or hang out the washing. Just by having small goals each day, you'll make achievements possible and reduce feelings of stress and uselessness. Be Flexible That said, don't be upset when little one suddenly refuses to take their nap after their breakfast. So you have to make do with dry shampoo and a lack of make-up, don't beat yourself up. There's always tomorrow. Some days or weeks are tougher than others, and it's important to accept that during those times when baby is more needy of you, some things are unachievable. Keep some healthy ready meals in the freezer as a back up for these days! Prioritise You may really want to redecorate the lounge or learn a new skill, but baby's first year, probably isn't the time to do so. Yes, you can still set yourself goals, but allow them to be a little more realistic and less stressful. You could perhaps focus on a room to clean or sort if you have spare time, or enjoy some relaxing jogging, as opposed to marathon training (trust me I did this and nearly had a melt down!) or house renovation projects. Accept Help It seems that naturally, we are channelled to put on a front and refuse any help offered to us. This is not necessary. No one will think you are a bad mum if you let them take baby out for an hour while you have a bath, or take your ironing from you. Take every opportunity offered to have some 'me' time. If you struggle with support go to  groups and try and make a mum friend! Mum friends understand that you might turn up with baby sick on your shoulder or are late because you have an explosive nappy to deal with!...having that mum friend to emotionally and physically help is a life saver! Remember All of this is just a phase, and although it may seem stressful, it is in fact a very special, treasured phase. So although you may not feel like you enjoy every moment, try to ease the pressure on yourself so that you can enjoy your time as a new mother.  

After all they will be teenagers before you know it!! 

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