Getting Fit in a realistic way!

We understand that life as a mum can be exhausting and overwhelming. Believe it or not exercise and healthy eating is the secret to feeling strong and confident.

MammaFit classes were started when pre and postnatal trainer Gemma had her son and realised her life (and body) would never be the same again! Her body couldn't do what it did before, her time was no longer hers, the world of motherhood left her lost and alone. 

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Sick and tired (literally) of the 3 day post birth instagram mums in their skinny jeans and mummy bloggers with their kale brownie recipes. Gemma decided to bin the chocolate digestives and choose heather yet realistic snacks and to set up classes where mums can get together with no pressure to get fit! 


Gemma saw (and felt) the physical and mental challenges mums go through within the first year of becoming a mum. 

Whether it was an infected c section scar, heavy leaky breastfeeding boobs or night on night of no sleep. Gemma created safe yet fun workouts baring these challenges in mind to get stronger, lose weight and mentally stay sane. 

Five years on and another boisterous boy added to the mix Gemma still overcomes motherhood challenges and knows now more than ever that exercise and healthy eating is the key to navigating mum life.


Gemma runs personal training sessions in her studio at Risebridge in Goudhurst, classes are run at various locations in kent. 


MammaFit classes provide 'the me time' that every mum needs. 

The best bit though ... You can bring your baby along to class so no need to worry about childcare!