Feel physically stronger and mentally healthier with MammaFit!

At MammaFit we believe the postnatal stage starts the minute you fall pregnant and it never ends. Mum life brings many challenges mentally and physically from the early days of feeling lost to physical issues many years later such as back pain and incontinence.

Safely exercising can be the answer to feeling mentally and physically strong whatever your postnatal stage.


As a sleep deprived, multi-tasking mum, life can be insane and putting yourself first never happens.


Mum life inevitably changes your priorities and suddenly your nutrition and exercise takes a back seat. 


at MammaFit we put you first.

What people are saying about us...

"I hate exercising and but I always feel great after a class. The trainers are really good and understand the struggles we are going through as mums."

Kelly, Seth and Mylos Mum 

"MammaFIt is great, I have lost just over a stone since attending the classes.

 For the first time ever I look forward to working out. Its nice to see the same mums every week and to have a catch up at the end, even though we are sweaty and stinky!"


Miriam, Edens Mum 

"As a mum of 2 its nice to have something for me to look forward to, just 45 mins a week is enough to keep me sane! The classes are great and i feel so much healthier since attending. 

Anna, Carla and Robins Mum 


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